Elizabeth M. Stites

Intent on finding a way to help others, Liz conceived of Ayureka to teach healthy living practices using a common sense approach.

When insight expands your state of mind, change is inevitable.

Throughout her career, Liz Stites has been known for bringing new—and sometimes overlooked—practices to traditional challenges. She is ignited by curiosity, influenced by logic and balanced by a pragmatic nature. These traits led her from earning an engineering degree at the University of Michigan to leading marketing functions for Fortune 100 companies to consulting with IPO-bound start-ups in Silicon Valley. But it was Liz’s in-depth study of Ayurveda that gave her knowledge and experience in achieving personal wellbeing.

Liz’s journey to Ayurveda is not an uncommon one. In running her own business, she was working a lot and playing a little. Despite adhering to a “healthy” diet, she was feeling the impact of daily stress. Reluctant to follow the extreme measures suggested by her doctors, she took a step back. As an individual drawn to the edge of conventional thinking, Liz sensed a different approach was needed. For personal benefit, she explored Ayurveda. As she learned, she made small lifestyle changes and began adopting an Ayurvedic diet. Over time, it had a transformative impact. A new door opened.

After years of success in the business world, Liz headed for the Berkshires to study at the Kripalu School for Ayurveda. This ancient science prompted her to examine health through a different lens. It brought clarity to today’s complex issues. For Liz, there was no turning back. The outcome of continuing to study under some of the world’s leading Ayurvedic practitioners was inevitable. Liz conceived of a business model to teach wellness using common sense principles. Ayureka was founded to help people help themselves feel as healthy and vital and young and strong as possible.

Contact Liz at estites@ayureka.com.

Important to note: Liz is not a doctor. She is not trying to be a doctor. She cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. And she certainly cannot counsel clients on prescription medications. Nope. She is a humble but enthusiastic Ayurvedic Practitioner who simply offers lifestyle coaching based on the principles of Ayurveda.