Ayurveda Explained

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Ayurveda is the study of the consequences of your life’s choices.

Ayurveda gives you the ability to understand of how your everyday life choices impact your wellbeing. This ancient science is widely considered the world’s oldest continually-practiced healing system. Its wisdom has been accepted as truth for over thousands of years. It is still practiced as a complete medical system in India today. Where it is not a sanctioned medical system, Ayurveda is utilized for its vast knowledge on how to maintain your wellbeing through diet and lifestyle choices.

In Ayurveda, the best tools for your health are always the ones found in your kitchen, daily routine and local farmers’ markets. Wholesome food and smart lifestyle choices are the basis of any Ayurvedic recommendation.

Vibrant Living

Somewhere on the path to the modern world, “health” became a discussion about disease management. Ayurveda is focused on managing your alignment so disease never has a chance to manifest. Instead, health means your natural intelligence is functioning at 100% and you have a vibrancy for life. This can only happen when you give your natural intelligence what is needed for you to stay in alignment. This includes the nutrition you need, the sleep you need, the routine you need, and, ever-so-importantly, the love you need.

One of the best ways to leverage Ayurveda is to let it help you get to know yourself. Understand your unique constitution and how it reacts to your life choices. Dive deeper into the science to understand how your wellbeing ebbs and flows based on time of day, the seasons, your age and what you are putting in, on and around your being. It all adds up.

The sections below are designed to help you explore further this amazing science. Our Ayurveda Overview is that “101” introduction to Ayurvedic concepts. We suggest you start here.



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Understanding Ayurveda is something that takes time and patience, but it brings amazing joy to life. This introduction to the science is your first step!

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