There is a common misconception that Ayurveda is just another form of alternative healing. It is much larger than that. It is a comprehensive system of wellbeing. Come learn more with Ayureka!

Learning about Ayurveda is a transformative experience.

It builds self-knowledge that helps you understand why you respond to life the way you do—physically, mentally and emotionally. And to reap the benefits of this insight, you need to integrate it into your daily life.

Ayureka is here to help you. We look to modern science to explain what has been known for thousands of years. This familiar context keeps it real and relevant. You do not have to struggle with Sanskrit or ancient texts while learning. Along the way, our common sense practices offer a clear path to incorporating Ayurveda into your life. Our objective is ambitious, but clear. We want to empower you to gradually bring about change—internally, locally and globally. We are committed to helping you build your knowledge every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Here are a few options:

  • Comb through every nook and cranny of this site. A wealth of information resides in the Ayurveda Explained section, which is always growing and changing.
  • Don’t forget to read our blog they offer a steady stream of tips, insight and education to support your journey to wellbeing.
  • Download and work with our tools to help you bring ease to your journey into wellbeing.
  • Attend an Upcoming Workshops. Our frequent offerings include practitioner-led workshops and online experiences.
  • Sign-up for our Newsletter. It is always filled with exciting and informative wellness tips.
  • Customize your own program. If you have a group that would like to experience an Ayureka program, we’ve got it covered. Regardless of whether you have responsibility for a corporate wellness program, or own a yoga studio with students who want to learn about Ayurveda, Ayureka can be a great solution.
  • Browse through Resources and How Things Work. Both sections are filled with valuable sources we’ve used to gain knowledge and expand our consciousness.

Ayureka is here to create a supportive community for you.


Browse. Read. Participate. Enjoy!

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Feel free to download any of these tools. It is our hope that our tools will enable you to find your path to wellbeing.

How Things Work

This section is about leveraging modern science to help you to understand why Ayurvedic choices are bona fide options.