Many scholars consider Ayurveda to be the world’s oldest, continually practiced healing science.

Its roots can be traced to around 2500 BC. It evolved over thousands of years through the simple study of nature (including human nature) and the consequences of seasonal changes, daily diet and lifestyle decisions. Ironically, Ayurveda might be more relevant today than it was in ancient times.

The word “Ayurveda” comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit and can be translated to mean “the science of life,” the “science of knowledge” or “the science of what is.”

Summarizing this Vast Science

Ayurveda is inspirational in many ways—and liberating in others. It understands that everyone is unique from birth and is changing daily. The science teaches that you were designed to be healthy at all times. When everything is functioning as it should, life is vibrant. But when your being is out of alignment, imbalances and, eventually, diseases result.

Since disease develops over time, your long-term health is impacted by the accumulation of your daily diet and lifestyle choices. Ayurveda helps you understand the consequences of these decisions, based on a host of factors, such as your unique constitution, age, present life circumstances and environmental conditions.

Learning about the science is an exploration into your own individuality and how simple choices impact your wellbeing. At the core, Ayurveda facilitates active participation. It offers an immense body of knowledge on the science of health and some of the world’s most complete writings on subjects like nutrition. This expansive store of information enables you to create alignment in your own life.

Once passed along orally from accomplished masters to their students, the science of Ayurveda was almost 2,500 years old before it was first documented on paper.

Simplifying Access to Ancient Wisdom

Ayureka’s goal is to present wisdom from Ayurveda’s vast body of knowledge in a practical format you can use to quickly derive benefits. We focus on:

  • Updating practices to enable them to be as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago
  • Putting personal health in context of the bigger picture by exploring the impact of economic and environmental health on your wellbeing
  • Customizing small, understandable and achievable steps toward integrating changes in your life based on who you are and how you live
  • Explaining ancient texts and terms in a relatable, contemporary context
  • Exploring where modern science and ancient wisdom overlap
  • Supporting your learning experience through diverse workshops, informative blogs, in-depth information about Ayurveda, videos, community engagement and insightful e-mails.

In modern India, Ayurveda is taught and practiced like any other form of licensed medicine. In the U.S., Ayurveda is not a licensed medical practice. Practitioners focus on diet and lifestyle recommendations and cannot diagnose or treat disease.

What Works For Me?

In the quest for a better life, everyone wants to know: “What works for me?”  As an individualized system, Ayurveda provides this personal guidance. At Ayureka, we believe that simple changes can create significant life shifts. It’s a different journey for each person, which underscores the relevance of Ayurveda in today’s complex world. If you are ready to do the work, we can help you tap into this amazing ancient wisdom to help find your own wellbeing.

See how Ayureka leverages modern science to bring Ayurveda into your current-day life. Read more…

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